Administrative Functions

Ghi chú

These docs are out of date. If you are interested in updating these (preferably with screenshots) let us know on the community forum because we are planning on a design overhaul of the ACP soon.

To view the admin panel (if you are an admin):

Top Menu (all can be easily reached by other means)
  • NodeBB ACP (Administrator Control Panel: this view) * (see Home below)
  • Forum * (your main forum)
  • Home * (see Home below)
  • Settings * (see Settings below)
Side Menu: NodeBB
  • Home * * Links all go to homepage

    • NOTE: should all the links go to same place?
    • Message reminder of what version this is and to check for updates (See Upgrading NodeBB) * NOTE: would a link to where the latest stable version is help?
    • Active Users * lists number users per page-path (?) * NOTE: not clear exactly what the paths mean or how to visit that path
  • Categories * * Filters: Active, Disabled, Unit Tests * List of Categories:

    • Icon, Name, Desc, Action: Disable
    • Actions: Save, Add New
  • Users * * Filters: Latest Users, Top Posters, Most Reputation, Action: Search * List of Users:

    • Icon, Link: Name, Reputation(star), Number Posts(pencil), Action: Ban
    • Action: Load More
  • Groups *

    • List of Groups
    • Name, Desc, Icon
    • Action: Delete Group * NOTE: What exactly can Groups be set up to do, besides Admin?
  • Topics * * List of Topics

    • Name [link to topic], Posted When and By, Number posts (Topic+Replies), Thread Actions: Pin(pushpin), Lock(lock), Delete(trashcan)
    • Action: Load More Topics

    • Topic [from List of Topics link]

    • Normal View of Topic+Reply Posts but with: * Link, Edit, Delete Actions all enabled for each Post * Thread Tools:

      • Pin, Lock, Move, Delete
  • Themes (See Theming NodeBB) * * List of (Custom | Bootswatch) Themes

    • Actions: Use, Preview
    • Action: Revert (to base)
  • Plugins (See Writing Plugins for NodeBB) * * List of Plugins

    • Action: De/activate
    • Info on making plugins
  • Settings *

    • General Settings * (textbox) Site Title * (textbox) Site Description * (textbox) Site Keywords * (textbox) Imgur Client ID

      • NOTE: How does this function?
      • (textbox) Maximum User Image Size
    • Privilege Thresholds (Use privilege thresholds to manage how much reputation a user must gain to receive moderator access.) * (textbox) Manage Thread * (textbox) Moderate Users * (textbox) Create Pinned Topics

    • Email Settings * (textbox) Email Address (The following email address refers to the email that the recipient will see in the “From” and “Reply To” fields.) * (textbox) SMTP Server Host (Default: * (textbox) SMTP Server Port

    • User Settings * (textbox) Minimum Username Length * (textbox) Maximum Username Length * (textbox) Minimum Password Length

    • Post Settings * (textbox) Post Delay * (textbox) Minimum Title Length * (textbox) Minimum Post Length * (checkbox) Use Outgoing Links Warning Page

    • Action: Save

  • Redis * * Redis data storage stats

  • Logger * * (checkbox) Enable HTTP logging * (checkbox) Enable event logging * (textbox) Path to log file

  • MOTD (Message of the Day) * * (textarea) You can enter either full HTML or Markdown text. * (checkbox) Show the Message of the Day

Side Menu: Social Authentication (See Enabling Social Network Logins)

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+

Side Menu: Plugins (Shows installed plugins)

Side Menu: Unit Tests (Will run qunit tests)