Windows 8

Running NodeBB

Start Redis Server and leave the command window that it starts in open


The default location of Redis Server is

C:\Program Files\Redis\StartRedisServer.cmd

Open Git Shell, and type the following commands. Clone NodeBB repo:

git clone -b v1.5.x

Enter directory:

cd NodeBB

Install dependencies:

npm install

Run interactive installation:

node app.js --setup

You may leave all of the options as default.

And you’re done! After the installation, run

node app.js

and leave the window open.

You can visit your forum at

Developing on Windows

It’s a bit of a pain to shutdown and restart NodeBB everytime you make changes. First install supervisor:

npm install -g supervisor

Open up bash:


And run NodeBB on “watch” mode:

./nodebb watch

It will launch NodeBB in development mode, and watch files that change and automatically restart your forum.