Arch Linux

First, we install our base software stack. Be sure to pacman -Syu first to make sure you’ve synced with the repositories and all other packages are up to date.

$ sudo pacman -S git nodejs npm redis imagemagick icu

If you want to use MongoDB, LevelDB, or another database instead of Redis please look at the Configuring Databases section.

Next, clone this repository:

$ git clone -b v1.5.x nodebb

Obtain all of the dependencies required by NodeBB:

$ cd nodebb
$ npm install

Initiate the setup script by running the app with the setup flag:

$ ./nodebb setup

The default settings are for a local server running on the default port, with a redis store on the same machine/port.

Lastly, we run the forum.

$ ./nodebb start

NodeBB can also be started with helper programs, such as supervisor and forever. Take a look at the options here.